Bed bugs can pop up anywhere, no matter how clean or dirty your home is. They spread quickly and can attach themselves to your clothes or belongings and easily infest your home. You would be surprised at the rate these pests will multiply. Bed bugs can range in size and can be impossible to see with the naked eye. Bed bugs can be incredibly stressful and difficult to get rid of. They can even cause psychological issues that will stick with you long after these bugs are gone. We are here to offer you a solution that you can feel good about. Detection is key and having a thorough inspection is the only way to be sure that your bed bug problem can be accurately handled.

We know that when it comes to the detection of bed bugs in your home, you want a company that you can rely on completely. Our goal is to be that company for you. We are known to our customers as providing Seattle’s best bed bug inspection. We go a step beyond visual inspection with our bed bug dog inspection. Our K9 bed bug inspection is one of the most  thorough inspections that you can get and will give you peace of mind.

Bed bug dog inspections are the best way to detect any form of bed bugs in your home. Our dog, Magic, is trained to detect any level of infestation. Whether you have eggs or a large infestation, our dog can find it. She has a 98% accuracy rate. When she inspects your home or commercial property you can be sure that you are in the best hands. Magic was trained at one of the top training facilities in the nation.  Magic and all of the rest of our dogs are trained daily to keep their senses sharp. Our dogs are able to detect odors through snow, rain, mud, or ash. Even in the worst conditions we have the capabilities to get the job done.

When bed bugs are detected we will offer you an individual solution to meet your specific needs. We know that all infestations are unique and there is not a  blanket answer that works for everyone. We will not only offer you a solution to your current issue, but we will also help you to prevent a future infestation. Most businesses rely on their customers to keep coming back, but our goal is to keep your bed bug problem contained so that you won’t have to.