Bed Bug Detection Dogs Seattle

Now that spring break is wrapping up, many families in the Seattle area are coming home with uninvited guests. While you are strolling the beach or seeing the sights with your family, bed bugs could be making themselves at home in your luggage. Even if your family vacation is in the nicest hotel, you are still in danger of bringing bed bugs home with you. Bed bugs are hard to detect because they are tiny and are great at hiding, but luckily we can help. At Northwest K9 Bed Bug Detectives we have some of the most talented bed bug detection dogs in Seattle, and we can give you the peace of mind that you need to get on with your life.

Many people have bed bugs in their homes without even knowing about it. The tricky part is that people react differently to bites. Some people get itchy, red bumps that are usually in a line, and some people don’t have a reaction at all. You can try searching your home for bed bugs on your own, but with our limited vision there is always a margin for error. Our detection dog, Magic, has a much higher accuracy rate than any human, and is able to detect bugs of all ages.

If you wake up with mysterious bites or you start to notice brown specs on your sheets, there is a possibility that you have bed bugs. The only way to know for sure if your house is infested is to turn to us for Seattle’s best bed bug inspection. Contact us today to schedule your inspection.