We are biased, of course, but we have one of the best resources in the city of Seattle – maybe all of the Puget Sound – for detecting if a home or business is infested with bed bugs.  Our resource is our canine bed bug detective, Magic!  Magic was trained at the IronHeart High Performance Working Dogs training facility in Shawnee, KS, a facility that not only trains dogs to find bed bugs, but trains Police dogs, drug inspection dogs and other dogs who are responsible for the safety of the American people.

Magic isn’t only a cute dog, but a finely trained professional.  We train Magic several times every day, to make sure that she is on top of her game.  When we show up to your home or business, we run a “test run” with some “planted” dead bed bugs, to make sure that Magic is able to find the “plant” within the home’s unique environment. Once she has found them, she is put to work finding whether or not you have a bed bug infestation.

To make sure that your home or business is bed bug free, we invite you to set an appointment for an inspection.  We know how devastating bed bugs can be to your home, so we’re discreet, we’re careful with your living space, and we make sure that no part of your home is left un-inspected, to make sure that if bed bugs do exist in your home, that we find them.  In the case bed bugs are found, we’ll then discuss bed bug removal options.  We look forward to serving you!