Bed Bug Treatment

Last week a woman got a little bit of a bonus with  some furniture that she rented front Rent-A-Center. It wasn’t a discounted TV or an introductory zero percent interest rate, it was bed bugs! We often don’t think about bed bugs being in the furniture that we rent or buy second hand, but it happens a lot more than you might expect. These bed bugs can quickly reproduce and infest your home. If you have been looking for a great solution to this frustrating problem then you have come to the right place. We are your Northwest K9 Bed Bug Detectives, and we have the furniture bed bug treatment that you have been looking for.

Bed bugs are difficult to spot, and even more difficult if you are trying to find them in upholstered furniture. They are excellent at hiding. You could search every nook and cranny of your furniture and still not spot them. If you wake up with mysterious bites, you notice tiny blood stains on your sheets or you miraculously see a bed bug scurrying in your home, then you need to contact us right away. We can provide you with an incredibly thorough bed bug dog inspection, and then we can provide you with the safe and effective treatment that you have been looking for.

Not many of us think about the furniture we buy second hand or rent, but it is always a good idea to explore what you are buying. If you do end up with bed bugs from your furniture then you need to turn to our experts. We are your source for bed bug inspections and treatments in Seattle.