bed bug prevention

One of the great things about the weather getting cooler is the decrease in bugs, both outside and inside. As the weather turns to fall, we know the bugs are going into hibernation, so why do we still need to worry about bed bugs, especially, in Seattle, where the weather is so rainy? Do we even have to worry about bed bugs in the winter? The answer is yes. Northwest K9 Bed Bug Detectives is a bed bug prevention company in Seattle. What sets us apart from other bed bug prevention companies you might know of are the bed bug sniffing dogs we use for consistently successful results. That’s right, we use dogs to spot out those pesky bed bugs.  

Despite the cooler weather, you still need to look out for bed bugs that might sneak into your bed. There are many myths that detail how bed bugs are only a summer pest, but that isn’t true. Bed bugs happen to be very active all year round, not only in the summer. Bed bugs are a hitchhiker bug, which means that they travel on bags, bedding, clothing, pillows, and other fabrics that you may own. The more traveling that is done, the greater chance you have of receiving bed bugs. One of the reasons that people think that beg bugs are more active in the summer is because more people travel to a variety of destinations.

Another reason that people think bed bugs are more active in the summer is because of the heat. These bugs love the heat and are more active, but don’t think you are safe this winter. These creepy crawlies are just as liable to sneak into your bed in the winter. As we get closer to colder weather, keep in mind that just because it’s colder there are still bugs roaming around. For bed bug prevention, contact us today, and we’ll come knocking with our bed bug sniffing dogs to round up the bugs and cleanse your house.