bed bug prevention

Getting a deal on any furniture is such a joy. Whether you finally bought that couch that just went on sale and you’ve been eyeing for months, or you walked into a rental furniture store during a discount week, it’s a pleasure getting a deal. Whatever the case may be, getting a good deal on anything makes a win in life. Unfortunately, sometimes we take home a little more than we’d really like. For instance, you’ve probably heard a few stories about people purchasing a piece of furniture only to find out that it was infested with bed bugs. That’s not exactly the bonus purchase we were hoping to get. At Northwest K9, we offer k9 bed bug dog detection to help our clients prevent bed bugs. Located in Seattle, we are very familiar with bed bugs and the dangers they can inflict on you and your family. Read some helpful tips about bed bug prevention while furniture shopping.  


When you are going furniture shopping at a furniture retailer, second-hand store, or a rental facility, make sure to bring a few tools with you. If you want to make sure you aren’t going to bring home bed bugs, bring a flashlight, magnifying glass, latex gloves, and a white sheet. When you find the piece of furniture you can’t seem to live without, spread the sheet on the item and watch for signs of bed bugs. Some of the signs you can look for, besides movement, are fecal matter and old skin. Use the magnifying glass to really get in deep and inspect that piece of furniture. You might feel silly doing it, but in the long run, it’ll save you money and a bed bug infestation.


This part is where we come in. If you bring home a piece of furniture that does have an infestation of bed bugs, we offer a great bed bug prevention service. We have bed bug dogs that are able to sniff out an infestation with successful rates. The reason that we use bed bug sniffing dogs is because dogs are more successful of ridding your house of bed bugs than humans. Dogs have heightened senses, such as smell and sight, which helps them pick out those pesky critters that have taken over your beloved domain.

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