bed bug repellent

Bed bugs seem like they can get into anything and everything. If you have furniture, you have to be wary of the beg bugs possibly getting into your belongings. Bed bugs are also travelers, which means they attach themselves to items and move from place to place such as suitcases or clothing. At Northwest K9 Bed Bug Detectives, we set ourselves apart by using a bed bug sniffing dog to inspect your house. We are located in Seattle and are a Top Rated Local® bed bug prevention company. Dogs are able to detect things that humans are unable to, which is why they are the perfect candidate to cleanse your house of bed bugs. Check out some of the places where bed bugs might hide below that might surprise you.


Books allow us to explore worlds that are different than our own. Unfortunately, bed bugs are liable to get into them, whether it’s at the library, book store, garage sale, or used books store. Anywhere that you can find a book, bed bugs are liable to infiltrate them. To check if the book you just purchased has bed bugs, search the pages and the binding with a magnifying glass. If you see reddish-brown or translucent brown shapes, shedded skin, or droppings, then you have a problem, and you should reach out to a bed bug prevention specialist immediately.


Technology is a blessing and also a curse. Beside for the arguments that surround technology there is another thing to look out for when you buy a cell phone, computer, stereo, TV, and other pieces of technology. Yes, bed bugs can even be in the technology we own. Treating electronics is different than treating furniture or even books. You don’t need to get rid of your technology, but you do need to take extra precautions because you can’t use certain tech products due to the damage it can inflict.

Contact us today so we can take care of all of your bed bug prevention needs. We will treat your house with a bed bug dog, and we will do it well.