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If you read our previous blog about Surprising Places The Bed Bugs Might Hide – Part One, then you are familiar with two strange places bed bugs might be residing in your house. Technology and books are in every person’s house, but what about some other strange places bed bugs might hide that are even more common? At Northwest K9 Bed Bug Detectors located in Seattle, we set ourselves apart and get the job done by using bed bug sniffing dogs to prevent bed bugs. To detect bed bugs, we use dogs because they are much more thorough than human detection. Learn about a few more surprising places that bed bugs can hide.


Bed bugs are liable to be hiding in your electrical outlet, both inside and outside of it. They can also be hiding in and around switch plates. Depending on whether you live in an apartment, condo, or a house, if there is a severe bed bug infestation in the building and there is close proximity between the residences, it’s possible that bed bugs can travel through electrical outlets. If you notice small reddish-brown or light brown critters crawling around your electrical outlets or switch plates, call an exterminator immediately to cleanse your house of infestation.   


Another strange place a bed bug can crawl out of are picture frames and mirror frames. Bed bugs can be around the picture frames on your mantel or that mirror frame that is hanging in the hall. They can also be behind and in these frames. If you think you have bed bugs, look for droppings, shedded skin, and brownish critters scurrying. Keep in mind that bed bugs are not just limited to being in your bed, they can be anywhere. Read our post, 3 Signs You Have Bed Bugs, to help determine the signs you should look for.  

We have excellent bed bug prevention by using our bed bug dogs to detect where an infestation might be. If you find signs of bed bugs, please contact us immediately so we can get started on a treatment plan.