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    Do I Need To Worry About Bed Bugs This Winter?

    During the winter you’ve probably wondered if you can still get bed bugs. Afterall, like most critters bed bugs will eventually find their way into your home. You’ve probably noticed as the winter…Read More

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    Don’t Invite Bed Bugs on Your Holiday Trip

    The holiday season is full of cheer and happy memories with family and friends surrounding the fireplace or kitchen table. You may be traveling to relative’s homes to stay at their house for a few d…Read More

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    What to Expect: Bed Bug Inspections & Treatment

    The unfortunate has happened. You believe your home is potentially infested with bed bugs. So what do you do? Call the trusted bed bug prevention team in Seattle at Northwest K9 Bed Bug Detectives. Af…Read More

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    3 Common Myths about Bed Bugs

      Although most people are aware of what bed bugs are and have heard about their recent rise in numbers, there are still many common myths surrounding these dreaded creatures. As your local Seattle b…Read More

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    Preventing Bed Bugs While Furniture Shopping

    Getting a deal on any furniture is such a joy. Whether you finally bought that couch that just went on sale and you’ve been eyeing for months, or you walked into a rental furniture store during a di…Read More

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    Bed Bugs In the Fall

    One of the great things about the weather getting cooler is the decrease in bugs, both outside and inside. As the weather turns to fall, we know the bugs are going into hibernation, so why do we still…Read More

  7. Why Use A Dog To Sniff Out Bed Bugs?

    It might seem unconventional to use a dog to sniff out bed bugs, but using a dog is much more reliable than any other option that one might look for when faced with the possibility of having your home…Read More