One of the questions Seattle homeowners ask us all the time is, “If your bed bug dog inspector shows that we have a bed bug infestation, how quickly will my house be rid of them?”  While we can’t make promises that you’ll never have bed bugs in your home again, we do have several options for getting rid of them.  Pesticides, freezing and heat treatments have all been shown to be effective ways of removing bed bugs, but not all bed bug extermination techniques are created equal.

Bed bugs have been making a come back over the past decade, and have become highly resistant to store purchased and even some professional grade pesticides.  At NW K9 Bed Bug Detectives, we are committed to making sure that we solve your bed bug problem once and for all.  We generally answer that there are several treatment options, but our most effective, “one stop” treatment is our bed bug heat treatment.

In Seattle, bed bug exterminators are not created equal either.  Our inspections are 96% accurate, thanks to Magic, our bed bug inspection dog, and by simply following our prescription for a heat treatment, we can usually take care of your bed bug problem discretely and completely – in just one treatment.  Give us a call if you have any suspicion of bed bugs, and we’ll come out and take great care of you.