There is quite a bit of hype out there surrounding essential oils and bed bugs. With the rise of bed bugs, more and more people are looking for an alternative to traditional bed bug treatments and a more natural solution to their bed bug problems, and the makers of essential oils have started to sit up and take notice. Many companies have come up with blends of essential oils that are supposed to eradicate your bed bug problem, which sounds good and all, but unfortunately, according to Wired, these blends don’t actually work.

In a study conducted by the Journal of Economic Entomology, they found that many of the natural products that they tested were only able to kill about half of the bed bugs that they sprayed them on. So, if you want to make your bed bugs smell like peppermint, essential oils are great, but if you actually want to get rid of them, then a better alternative would be to spend your money wisely and hire a bed bug exterminator.

The good news is that, although your DIY bed bug remedy won’t work, there is still a natural way for you to get rid of your bed bugs once and for all. Bed bug heat treatment is a safe, chemical-free way to rid your home of those pesky bugs, and best of all –it actually works! Not only can heat treatment get rid of any and all visible bed bugs, but it can kill even the most well-hidden bed bugs! Want to learn more about this effective, all-natural treatment? Visit our site today!