1. Bed Bug Prevention Tips, Part One

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    Best Ways to Exterminate Bed Bugs

    Pests and bugs of all kinds are an unfortunate part of life, especially when they have infested your home. Bed bugs are an especially difficult bug to deal with. These bugs are a human pest, live indo…Read More

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    What to Expect: Bed Bug Inspections & Treatment

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  4. Preventing Bed Bugs While Furniture Shopping

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  5. Bed Bugs in the Fall

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  6. Surprising Bed Bug Facts And Common Myths

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  7. Prevent Scarring From Bed Bugs – Top Tips Part II

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  8. Consider Hotel Bed Bug Prevention In Seattle

    “Compared to other problematic room issues such as signs of smoking or lack of cleanliness, evidence of bed bugs is more likely to cause guests to switch hotels and seek compensation,” concluded h…Read More