I Found Someone Who Specializes In Bed Bugs

Our family was first introduced to the horror of bedbugs some months ago. The thought of theses creepy-crawly little intruders invading our home was more than I could bare. I didn’t know whether to scream, cry, or burn the house down! They were something I didn’t know much about, but what I did know was that they multiplied quickly and were not easy to get rid of, so in a panic I found the first exterminator in the phone book.

They came in and did a series of chemical spray treatments. The process was quite pricey and the exterminator seemed to have an unsettling lack of knowledge when it came to bed bugs, but I wanted them gone now so I went for it anyways.

Although the bugs seemed to be gone, paranoia never left our family. And, rightfully so, because just 5 months down the road they reemerged. We had taken all precautions necessary not to reintroduce the pests, so we knew that though the chemical treatment may have worked for a while it didn’t completely eliminate the problem. I was furious! Furious at the bugs, at the pest control company, and at the fact that I knew we had to go through all of this again.

At the initial find I had thrown out much of our furniture which was quite expensive to replace, and now I knew we may have to do it again. I could not believe it. I quickly hopped online to find out what others had done to permanently solve this problem.

Amidst all the suggestions, the most important piece of information I picked up was this, “Find someone who specializes in bedbugs.” So I did, and that turned out to be very true. I found Susan (and Magic) and Northwest K9 Bed Bug Detectives. I called immediately. Susan promptly called me back and spent a good half hour explaining to me what these horrible creatures were and how they worked and what my options were.

At last, I felt like someone understood and could help. That night she sent me a few studies on bed bugs which were very interesting and helpful. Shortly after she and Magic came to do an inspection and confirmed that we did in fact have bed bugs. They were both very professional and friendly and from there we were able to set up a time to have our house heat treated. Susan explained that with this method of treatment none of our stuff needed to be thrown away and we could come back after a day of work and be bed bug free. That was the best news I had heard in months!!

Well, the day finally came and it was easy as pie. It took a day to prepare our home and the next day we left it to the pros. When we returned I finally had what I had wanted all along: peace of mind. Along with the bed bugs, my paranoia left me that day. A few weeks later Susan and Magic came back to make sure the bugs were truly gone, and they were.

I would recommend Northwest K9 Bed Bug Detectives to anyone I know. It seems that bed bugs in Seattle are popping up more and more, so if you want a permanent solution call Susan!

Emily N.