Professional, Reasonable And Quick Bed Bug Removal!

Several weeks ago my partner had quite an itchy bite on his leg and I had just discovered a strange insect the night before while cleaning the entry into our condo. Hoping it wasn’t bedbugs and wanting to confirm that there weren’t any for our peace of mind, I found you on Google. Called 1st thing in the morning, made an appointment, and Susan arrived with her wonderfully trained dog, Magic, just hours later to do a search. Magic did the rounds of the condo, and didn’t find anything until the bedroom when she signaled by the mattress that indeed there was scent of the nasty critters. I had saved the insect from the night before in a zip lock baggy and Susan confirmed that the bug was one of the juvenile stages of the bedbug cycle.

Susan is very professional and personable, with a great sense of humor. She was extremely patient with my MANY, MANY questions and thoroughly explained the options in taking care of the problem. Susan helped make a VERY stressful situation easier to deal with.

She also coordinated with the other condo owners, the property management company, to have the heat treatment done appropriately – and quickly!!

The heat kills all stages of the bugs from eggs to adults and is pesticide free. Once your place cools off you are back to living life normally in your home. Susan also went the extra mile and came over the day of the heat treatment to help the condo owners in making sure all was ready for the heat crew. She even helped me with the bed encasement and getting the light sockets prepared for the treatment.

I can’t say enough good things about Susan and her dog, Magic. If you find yourself in the unfortunate situation (or have a suspicion) of having these disgusting creatures in your home give Susan a call and she will help you through your ordeal. Susan and Magic also do a follow up inspection at no additional charge to confirm that the bugs are indeed exterminated out of your home.

Susan, hope you read this – and thanks so much for all your help including the many phone calls and emails – you responded to all of them timely and also those from my neighbors!!