Susan and her dog found the bugs and got rid of them!

Susan was wonderful!!! What I thought was just my mind getting the best of me, and perhaps just a flea problem (I have a big lab), turned out to be the very start to a few bed bugs ..enough to give me about 4-5 bites/nt. for a week.

Susan called me back right away after calling early one morning. She walked me through all the steps and singling out anything else first. She was at my place by mid-afternoon. She spent a lot of time with me; first explaing about bed bugs, then showing me samples so I could identify, and how the dog would signal, etc.

She even did a test demonstration for me first w/ her dog with pseudo-scent papers that smell like live bedbugs to show me how the dog will search, then signal.

The dog seemed darn near dead-on. Because of Susan and her doggie the location of the bed bugs was found right away and treated as quickly and easily as possible.

It was a hard thing to hear when Susan shared the bad news (that the dog had found some) but Susan was caring and calm with me as I had a few tears of fear.

The next day I even followed up with Susan about a few more things I was wondering, each time she answered the phone right away! Even emailing me some helpful tips & articles.

No one wants to admit they have bed bugs, but if you do, and go through that she recommends, having a great company to take care of you makes all the difference!

Jessica P.