Thanks to Susan and Magic

The last thing we wanted to bring back from a great vacation was bedbugs. The thought was so far out of our minds that when I began to notice clusters of bites a few days after returning I made little of it. But in the back of my mind I had an uneasy feeling because my sister had been through a bedbug ordeal in New York. Something about the bites reminded me of what she described. I decided to wait another week to see if the bites continued since I couldn’t find any traces of actual bugs on close inspection. Sure enough, every few days I got a new round of bites. I called my sister in New York and she urged me to immediately get a bedbug dog to check things out. She had been through a costly and lengthy extermination process that yielded no lasting results and it was a bedbug dog and heat treatments that finally got rid of her bedbug problem for good. I began my web search for a good bedbug dog and read about Susan and her dog Magic at NW K9 Bedbug Detectives. There were other bedbug companies but I thought Susan and Magic sounded the best. And I was right – they are absolutely amazing and the very best.

After I contacted NW K9 Bedbug Detectives Susan called and I set up an appointment. She then sent a lot of useful information for to me to read before our appointment. When Susan arrived on the day of our appointment she took time to educate me about bedbugs, even showing me actual samples of various bugs. Magic, a beautiful dog with an enthusiasm for sniffing out elusive bedbugs, found one area in the bedroom that had bedbugs. Luckily, because I had called within a few weeks of noticing the bites, the bedbugs had not spread and were contained in one area.

I made an appointment to have a heat treatment for the bedroom. Heat treatments use no poison and are more effective than poison, so the choice was an easy one. Susan and her crew arrived on the scheduled day – it took a day to do the heat treatment. Because of the architecture of our bedroom it took longer than expected to get the room up to temperature but Susan stayed until every part of the room reached over 120 degrees. Because of her diligent work our bedbugs are gone.

I can’t say enough good things about Susan and Magic – they are a fantastic team. Susan is a caring professional with impeccable integrity – she goes the extra mile to do the best job possible. Magic is a beautiful dog with a nose that knows. Compared to the nightmare my sister experienced in New York dealing with her bedbugs (multiple rounds of poison from an exterminator only to have the bugs return) our experience, while unwanted and inconvenient, was seamless and smooth – all thanks to Susan and Magic. My advice is to do what we did – call NW K9 Bedbug Detectives. Get Susan and Magic to check things out and if bedbugs are discovered, follow Susan’s treatment recommendation. You’ll be glad you did.

LK, Seattle WA