When you suspect that you have bed bugs in your home, figuring out if your suspicions are true or not can be stressful. Whether you’ve looked everywhere or you’ve tried to solve the problem on your own, finding and finding bed bugs can be difficult. Instead of relying on sight and potential signs of an infestation, try a professional K9 bed bug inspection! Here is some helpful information about how effective bed bug-trained dogs are if you’re dealing with bed bugs. 

3 dogs with bed bugSolely Trained on Bed Bugs

One of the most important parts of training our bed bug inspection dogs is ensuring that they’re accurate and reliable. Our dogs are trained on detecting only bed bugs and no other pests, so the likelihood of any false positives is extremely low. 

magnifying glass held over bedAccuracy is Much Higher Than Human Inspection

When it comes to detecting pests, some are easier to find with human senses than others. While bed bugs can be detected by humans, there are many times when they are difficult to find without a trained K9 inspector to sniff them out. When it comes to detection rates, dogs have a 93% accuracy rate while humans will usually have a 30% accuracy rate.

man lifting up bedsheetsCan Detect Early Infestations

One of the most effective aspects of bed bug detection by K9 inspection is that dogs can detect early infestations that are very difficult for humans to detect. Dogs can scent a single bed bug hidden in the walls of a building, so using them to detect an infestation before it becomes a larger issue. 

dog noseQuicker and More Efficient Than Visual Inspection

One of the most efficient ways to detect bed bugs is with a K9 inspection because these professionally-trained dogs are able to catch the scent of bed bugs without requiring your rooms or home to be disturbed or taken apart. With visual inspections from humans, your beds may need to be dismantled, your walls opened up, and more in order to find signs of bed bugs.

Getting a K9 inspection for your home or business is an important step in determining if you have bed bugs and catching the infestation effectively. Get started with our team today!

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