Seattle Bed Bug Inspections Frequently Asked Questions

How do I know the dog is detecting Bed Bugs and not another pest?

Our dogs are trained solely on live Bed Bug scents and no others. Training dogs on more than one scent can cause the dog confusion and cause false alerts. Our dogs are trained to ignore other pests and will only alert on live bed bugs. We also provide a demonstration using a control hide to show our customers the dog’s ability before proceeding with the inspection.

Are dogs more accurate than an inspection with a regular technician?

Yes, our dog averages an accuracy rate of 97% (which is documented). Each technician and team is different but humans have been shown to have accuracy rates of 30% in finding Bed Bug infestations.

Why do I need a dog – can’t I just find the bed bugs myself?

You may be able to, but only if the infestation is large enough. That being said, Bed Bugs are nocturnal (they usually only come out at night when most people are asleep) and generally are not easily found during the day. Their anatomy allows them to flatten out and hide in the smallest of places, such as in-between boards, screw holes, cracks and crevices.

When do I need to use a dog?

When visual inspections cannot confirm an infestation and when you want to know if more than one room is infested. Using a dog to confirm which rooms are infested and which are not can reduce the cost of having to treat the entire home, apartment or building.

Is your dog certified?

Yes, we use certified dogs for our inspection services. Our dogs are trained at the NESDCA (National Entomology Scent Detection Certification Association). Check out our K9 Inspection page to learn more about our dogs’ certification.

National Bed Bug Inspection Best Practices

Our Bed Bug Detection training includes education on the National Pest Management’s Best Practices For Bed Bug Management and we have been trained on Bed Bug Biology, Habits and Different Treatment Methods as pertain to the Integrated Bed Bug Management Techniques.


Our Staff is trained and certified to use “Best Management Practices for Bed Bugs” through NESDCA based on the standards set by the National Pest Management Association. Certification Tests are timed and the dog must locate live bed bug hides in a set time period to pass and become certified and not false alert on distraction hides. Teams are required to be re-certified regularly to prove that their skills remain up to the standards set by the NESDCA & NPMA.