1. They are the best!

    Wow, Susan and Magic are the best at what they do- detecting a bed bug problem! I had a friend stay over at my place as she was running from her own infestation at her apartment complex. I was concerned that they may have transferred to my place so I did my research and found Susan! She is upfront about what you are dealing with and is incredibly knowledgable about the matter. She sends very infor…Read More

    Emily Z.
  2. Susan Was Very Professional

    Susan was very professional, and explained the step-by-step process prior to actually bringing in her K9 to sniff things out. Observing how she looks for these critters, and seeing examples of what they look like in their 5 different stages of life, was very helpful. Now that we know what they really look like, and finding out that we didn’t have any at the end, was very reassuring. She also off…Read More

    Joe and Kathy
  3. Thank You NW K9 Bed Bug Detectives

    As we slept, little did we know that we and our dog were being bitten by bed bugs. My husband and I had no reaction to them feeding on us. Our dog is plagued with allergies, so we thought his sores were related to food and other environmental factors we had been discovering, so we didn’t know he was the bug’s dinner, too. Two weeks ago, we found a couple bugs on our comforter. My first thought…Read More

    Bobbie & Tim
  4. Thanks to Susan and Magic

    The last thing we wanted to bring back from a great vacation was bedbugs. The thought was so far out of our minds that when I began to notice clusters of bites a few days after returning I made little of it. But in the back of my mind I had an uneasy feeling because my sister had been through a bedbug ordeal in New York. Something about the bites reminded me of what she described. I decided to wai…Read More

    LK, Seattle WA
  5. We made the right choice to have NW K9 come & find the Bed Bugs

    Susan brought her dog and the bad news was we had lots of bedbugs. She knew what she was doing and we had the HEAT treatment. We were inconvenienced for 9hrs in one day and the bedbugs are all gone. They were so courteous and friendly and very caring. We are thrilled that we made the right choice to have a k9 come and find those awful disgusting bugs. A friend recommended we use a dog and we did a…Read More

    Angie and Liane
  6. Susan and her dog found the bugs and got rid of them!

    Susan was wonderful!!! What I thought was just my mind getting the best of me, and perhaps just a flea problem (I have a big lab), turned out to be the very start to a few bed bugs ..enough to give me about 4-5 bites/nt. for a week. Susan called me back right away after calling early one morning. She walked me through all the steps and singling out anything else first. She was at my place by mid-a…Read More

    Jessica P.
  7. Responsive Professional Compassionate And Effective

    As a landlord, I was super bummed when I learned that one of my tenants had unknowingly brought bed bugs into her home. Thank goodness Northwest K9 Bed Bug Detectives were as responsive as they were. Susan and her team were all that one could hope for in this situation! They handled each step of the process in a timely, professional and compassionate manner. I hope you never have this situation, b…Read More

  8. I Found Someone Who Specializes In Bed Bugs

    Our family was first introduced to the horror of bedbugs some months ago. The thought of theses creepy-crawly little intruders invading our home was more than I could bare. I didn’t know whether to scream, cry, or burn the house down! They were something I didn’t know much about, but what I did know was that they multiplied quickly and were not easy to get rid of, so in a panic I found the fir…Read More

    Emily N.
  9. They Really Know Their Stuff

    We suspected that we had brought bed bugs home after a business trip and in my panic about the situation, I needed a company that knew what they were doing, would take me seriously and would respond quickly. That is exactly what we found in Susan and her dog, Magic. I only wish they had been the first company we called! They were responsive, knowledgable, and patient. Susan and Magic did a thoroug…Read More

  10. Professional, Reasonable And Quick Bed Bug Removal!

    Several weeks ago my partner had quite an itchy bite on his leg and I had just discovered a strange insect the night before while cleaning the entry into our condo. Hoping it wasn’t bedbugs and wanting to confirm that there weren’t any for our peace of mind, I found you on Google. Called 1st thing in the morning, made an appointment, and Susan arrived with her wonderfully trained dog, Magic, j…Read More