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  1. Bed Bug Prevention for the Summer

    It might not be quite summer yet, but with the warming weather, increased summer travel, and summer parties bringing guests into your home, the risks of bed bugs coming into your home increase. Bed bug prevention is about being aware of how bed bugs work and move. The more you know, the better you can prevent bed bugs from infiltrating your home. If you suspect bed bugs are in your home, call Nor…Read More

  2. How To Keep Your Pets Safe From Bed Bugs

    During the summer months, you are probably planning many adventures and travels. When you traverse across the country, or even travel internationally, you increase your odds of bringing home unwanted guests. When bed bugs enter your home, they are difficult to get rid of on your own. If you have a bed bug infestation and you are worried about keeping your pets safe, the best thing you can do is c…Read More

  3. Do’s and Don’t’s of Bed Bugs

    No one likes to think of bed bugs being in their home, but unfortunately, that’s what happens sometimes. No matter how they got in your home, whether from traveling, they were carried in on a guest, or if you moved into a new space that was already infested, you want to exterminate them as soon as possible. At Northwest K9 Bed Bug Detective, we know what methods are the most effective and how y…Read More

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    Best Ways to Exterminate Bed Bugs

    Pests and bugs of all kinds are an unfortunate part of life, especially when they have infested your home. Bed bugs are an especially difficult bug to deal with. These bugs are a human pest, live indoors, are hitchhikers, people carry them unknowingly from one location to another so they are not only prevalent in homes, but incidents have occurred in schools, transportation systems, movie theater…Read More

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    Do I Need To Worry About Bed Bugs This Winter?

    During the winter you’ve probably wondered if you can still get bed bugs. Afterall, like most critters bed bugs will eventually find their way into your home. You’ve probably noticed as the winter months hover upon us that you’re finding more and more vermin coming into your home. However, are bed bugs just as active as other vermin that find their way into your home in the winter? Now, that…Read More

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    Don’t Invite Bed Bugs on Your Holiday Trip

    The holiday season is full of cheer and happy memories with family and friends surrounding the fireplace or kitchen table. You may be traveling to relative’s homes to stay at their house for a few days to spread the love. Even though you try to avoid making the house a mess and space may be limited, this is a warm time of year and your family is happy to invite you into their home. However, the…Read More

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    What to Expect: Bed Bug Inspections & Treatment

    The unfortunate has happened. You believe your home is potentially infested with bed bugs. So what do you do? Call the trusted bed bug prevention team in Seattle at Northwest K9 Bed Bug Detectives. After you call us, we get to work implementing our proven five step process for bed bug inspections and elimination. What should you expect during the process? 1. The “Magic” Inspection The first pa…Read More

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    Winterizing The Inside Of Your Home Against Bed Bugs

    Winter is coming soon and there are a few suggestions you can try to keep those pesky pests out of your home. If you are faced with a bed bug problem, Northwest k9 Bed Bug Detectives can help prevent those critters from entering your home. We offer k9 bed bug detection to help detect uninvited critters in your home. Learn more about our services and help to protect your home with these tips. Tip O…Read More

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    3 Common Myths about Bed Bugs

      Although most people are aware of what bed bugs are and have heard about their recent rise in numbers, there are still many common myths surrounding these dreaded creatures. As your local Seattle bed bug exterminator, we are here to help fight those myths. We believe when you are armed with the right information, you will be better equipped to fight against a bed bug infestation. Remember, if …Read More

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    Surprising Places The Bed Bugs Might Hide – Part Two

    If you read our previous blog about Surprising Places The Bed Bugs Might Hide - Part One, then you are familiar with two strange places bed bugs might be residing in your house. Technology and books are in every person’s house, but what about some other strange places bed bugs might hide that are even more common? At Northwest K9 Bed Bug Detectors located in Seattle, we set ourselves apart and g…Read More


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