Ants, fleas, spiders, wasps, and pantry pests are all common struggles in the Seattle region, but just because they are common, doesn’t mean you have to put up with them in your home.

While these little insects are an integral part of nature, when they infest your home or property they can be dangerous to the structure of your home and to the health of your family and pets.

For thorough, experienced, and knowledgeable pest control service, Northwest K9 Bed Bug Detectives & Pest Control will inspect your home, exterminate the pests, and offer preventative measures to help stop them from coming back.

Other Common Pests In The Pacific Northwest:

  • Fleas are a hindrance to your pets especially, but can also bite members of your family, which can cause red itchy welts.
  • Odorous House Ants (sometimes called Sugar Ants) can be a big nuisance in your kitchen and home. Crawling all over your counters, under your sinks, and other areas in your home.
  • The positive side to spiders is that they control other pest populations. The downside is that various species of spiders are common in the Seattle and Northwest region and can bite humans.
  • Yellow jackets can have both underground hives and in trees, making it especially important to get in touch with a pest control service at first sight. Wasps have a tendency to nest in structures and is a prevalent problem in the Northwest area.
  • Pantry pests get their name from finding homes in your home pantry, feeding off of cereals and other foods in the kitchen. Many of these pests are beetles, including the flour beetle and the carpet beetle. Carpet beetles are fabric pests and can harm carpets and fabrics.

These pests are by far not the entire list of dangerous and obnoxious pests that can be found in Seattle, but whatever sort of infestation you are facing your home, it’s essential that you contact a qualified pest control service right away.

Northwest K9 Bed Bug Detectives & Pest Control, will first conduct a thorough inspection in order to determine what the problem is and the best course of action that will remove the pests from your home while also ensuring we disrupt your schedule as little as possible.

After the inspection, we will access the situation, and provide a plan on the best method of extermination for the situation. Our clients can be assured that we will use a combination of Integrated Pest Management solutions and control methods that are safe for your home, family, and pets. We care about your home and respect it. Each client is contacted when the technician is in route. When we arrive we will work in the most efficient and meticulous manner possible, taking the necessary steps and time to focus on the small details that ensure we provide them with exceptional quality and workmanship.

Preventing future infestations is as important as eliminating existing infestations we will provide you with knowledge and tips on how to keep your home as pest free as possible. We also offer ongoing preventative maintenance solutions for clients who are looking to keep their home pest free year round.

Serving the Seattle, Tacoma, and surrounding areas, Northwest K9 Bed Bug Detectives & Pest Control has the experience and knowledge that can give you peace of mind during this frustrating situation. If you are dealing with rodents, ants, wasps, or any other type of pest, we can assure you that we will remove the infestation entirely with safe and effective pest control methods. Give us a call today to schedule an appointment.