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Although most people are aware of what bed bugs are and have heard about their recent rise in numbers, there are still many common myths surrounding these dreaded creatures. As your local Seattle bed bug exterminator, we are here to help fight those myths. We believe when you are armed with the right information, you will be better equipped to fight against a bed bug infestation. Remember, if you suspect bed bugs in your home at any time, please schedule an appointment with our team. We provide extremely accurate bed bug detection through the use of a bed bug dog inspection.

The following are three common myths we frequently hear about bed bugs.

dreamstime_928083#1: Only dirty or poor people get bed bugs

People often associate bed bugs with poverty or lack of cleanliness. The reality is that everyone is at risk for bed bugs. Because bed bugs can travel and are found in a variety of locations from hotels to movie theaters, there is no guarantee of protection against them simply due to wealth or a clean house. Bed bugs, in fact, do not care whether their environment is clean or dirty.

#2: I can get rid of bed bugs if I leave for a couple weeks

Sometimes, when people realize they have bed bugs, they falsely believe they can rid their home of these critters by simply leaving for a few weeks. Unfortunately, taking an extended vacation will not leave your home bed bug free. Bed bugs are capable of living for many months without a food source.

#3: Bed bugs only live in beds

Although their name may imply that they only live in beds, this is false. Bed bugs can be found in baseboards, carpets, furniture, walls, power outlets, suitcases, and more. Unfortunately, these pests are extremely resilient and not picky about where they live, so long as they have a food source nearby.

If you find yourself the unfortunate host to bed bugs, contact your trusted bed bug exterminator in Seattle at Northwest K9 Bed Bug Detectives.